Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Some Things I Miss

I am getting used to my life here in the Canary Islands. I like going out on my bedroom balcony and seeing the blue ocean, and feeling the cool breezes that come with it. However, from time to time I feel nostalgic about the states, and what I miss is the wide open spaces, green grass and trees, and taking drives out in the country. Occasionally I will do a google search and visit those places in my mind. I love pictures of farms, country roads, and big old trees.

I also love the season of Fall, and that is one thing I miss here, the changing of the seasons. I admit, I don't really mind missing out on long winters, but I do love the changing colors of the trees, decorating for Autumn by putting pumpkins and cornstalks on the doorstep, going to the apple orchards in Upstate New York, baking pumpkin bread and pies with my girls and drinking cider.

I miss taking drives with my mother on a Sunday afternoon. She used to come up to my house when we lived in Ohio for Sunday dinner, and we would take a nice drive through the countryside, admiring homes we liked. I would dream about what it would be like to live there. I suppose we all have somewhere we go to in our minds when we reminisce.

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