Monday, October 4, 2010

Hope Has Wings

Recently one of my Spanish friends gave me a book in English, Hope Has Wings, The Mission Aviation Fellowship Story by Stuart King. I find it fascinating, not only because it tells of the challenges faced by the missionaries living in developing countries who pioneered aviation missions in Africa and around the world, but because my own daughter Hannah is engaged to a missionary pilot, David Helzerman, and soon it will be their way of life too.

I marvel at the women who have followed their husbands to developing countries where supplies are few, disease rampant, and weather unbearable at times. I complain about the smallest setbacks, like not being able to drive yet here in the Canary Islands, or about my occasional loneliness or homesickness, but then I read about these women who buried their children on the mission field, knowing that only had they been able to receive adequate medical attention their children would have lived.

Sometimes we think that these women were somehow different than we are, perhaps some super human woman that could handle these things better than we can--but in all actuality they had the same struggles with emotions and vulnerabilities as we all do, but through their reliance upon God they somehow managed to see past the sufferings and endure the hardships and challenges that they faced each day.

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