Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Blessings

Dotting the pie with butter, just like Grandmother Dorothy used to do!
Doug served the drinks--so please forgive us for having the bottle of coke on the table (I realize it isn't good etiquette and it doesn't look very nice on the table ; )

Rebekah learning how to crimp a pie crust

We had an enjoyable Thanksgiving this year, and once again we invited our German missionary friends. I hope they are learning to like American food, because we serve the same traditional Thanksgiving dishes every time. I bought a small turkey, made dressing, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole and pumpkin pie, while Rebekah made the dinner rolls, mashed potatoes, and apple pie. We make a great team, because I don't like to peel the potatoes or apples, and I had Leanna do the chopping of celery for the dressing.

Oh, I forgot to mention the gravy! I bought a different brand of boullion, and without tasting (big mistake but I didn't want the calories) it turned out seven times too salty--so I kept having to dilute it. I hate to throw anything away, so I now have a half gallon of watered down gravy in my fridge--I figure I will make chicken and noodle soup with it. Then I realized I had put about six of the same boullion cubes in the dressing mix, so I decided I better taste that too. Good thing--as all you could taste was the salt. At the last minute I had to make a whole new batch of dressing.

Mind you, there is no such thing as Stove Top stuffing from a box here, so fortunately I had more celery and onions so I could start over. I didn't have a lot of bread though, so I was scavenging through the cupboards to see what I could throw in with it. I thought about rice......but then I remembered I had a bag of frozen peas in the this year my dressing had peas in it. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? It really isn't that far out though, because I have a delicious recipe for dressing with yellow and zucchini squash in it.

That is when I started to feel kind of panicky--and as they say, haste makes waste--from then on out I was dropping things, burning myself, pots boiling over, and wondering what kind of meal this was going to be. I have cooked many turkey dinners, and I don't like it when the food isn't going to turn out just right. I like it when people rave over my good food!! My reputation as a cook was on the line.

Everything turned out well enough, because our German friend had three plates of food according to my husband (maybe he was trying to make me feel good). I felt so wiped out afterwards that I told my husband that this year he can cook Christmas dinner! He replied, "Are you serious?" I was serious, but I know between now and Christmas I will recover and decide it would be easier to cook it with Rebekah and Leanna's help than to let my husband loose in the kitchen, but it would definitely be a fun experiment!!

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