Thursday, December 30, 2010

Let Girls be Girls

Occasionally I listen to the news in Spanish to help increase my vocabulary, etc. Yesterday I was intrigued by a newsclip showing a toy fair for children where they could turn in their "sexist" toys for ones that were gender neutral. It showed little girls handing in doll babies for trucks, and an older woman educating the young girl about why it was sexist for a girl to play with baby dolls, and that she should be playing with toys that both boys and girls can enjoy without the traditional sterotypes that they fear push them into a projected role.

When I look back on my childhood, my mom never had to "teach" me to like to play with dolls. I think it was instinctive of me to want to emulate my mother as I watched her take care of my younger brothers. I loved the role play, and with my cousins we would often play "house" and each one of us would take turns being the mommy, daddy, and the children. Playing cowboys and Indians wasn't my thing, nor playing with guns, swords, or bow and arrows. Maybe you were a woman raised in a household of boys, and didn't have any other options, and I understand--there are some girls who just seem to be tomboys but they usually grow into beautiful ladies eventually.

Society is trying to feminize men as well, and personally, I want my husband to be a man! I appreciate him for trying to understand and appreciate my softer side, but I like his manly qualities.

I think it is a pity that educated "professionals" think that it is their job to eliminate the distinction from the sexes. I embrace my role as a wife and mother, and love my femininity. I love pretty clothes, dressing up, smelling sweet, and everything about being a lady. If you are a woman and that isn't your style, that's fine--but please don't take it away from me or other little girls who still enjoy being a feminine woman!

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Jamie Parfitt said...

When my first daughter was two or three, she would take a napkin or something about that size, wrap it around a pencile, and cuddle it. Girls just like babies!