Saturday, May 14, 2011

Culture Shock in Reverse

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth.......Just been traveling, and no time to catch up on my blog.

We arrived in the States May 2nd, and my body is still adjusting to time changes. Sometimes in the evening I can barely talk I am so tired.

After spending a few days in Ohio with our family, my husband and I flew to Seattle Washington to attend a mission conference at one of our supporting churches. Today I am speaking to a wonderful group of ladies, and am eager to report about the past four years and what life is like living on the mission field.

It occured to me that I am experiencing a bit of reverse culture shock. I thought I made up the term, only to do a google search and see many articles related to the term. It will probably take us a few weeks to transition to our life here in America.

One thing that overwhelmingly struck both my husband and me is how friendly and open Americans are as a whole. We are amazed at how people actually talk to strangers and are helpful. We aren't used to that and it is quite refreshing.

Next week we will be traveling to the Chicago area to see our two oldest daughters graduate from college. It is bittersweet, to see them growing up, starting the new chapter in their lives, but also the realization that they will not be coming home for summers to the Canary Islands is a sad thought. From there we will all travel to Rochester to reunite with our home church and make preparations for a bridal shower, then the double wedding. So much excitement! I will try to post pictures later.