Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back in Tenerife

Hard to believe it is already Novemeber, especially when you wake up everyday to sunshine and seventy degree weather! We were blessed to be able to experience a little bit of fall weather while in the states, yet we managed to escape the snow storm that came to the Northeast at the end of October!

Transitions are always difficult, and after being in the US for almost six months it was hard to say goodbye to our family and friends. While we enjoy living in the Canary Islands, it takes some time to readjust to the culture. We weren't expecting the culture shock upon returning for our second term of missionary service, but it hit us pretty hard. We have felt pretty discouraged at times during the past few weeks, but it seems things are starting to calm down a bit.

We are pretty much back to our daily routine--the girls doing their schooling, and Doug busy with attending the needs of the church and ministry. There will be a time of rebuilding, and some changes as well. We are always being challenged and learning new things in our Christian life and ministry; praise the Lord for His mercy, patience, and comfort as we face the trials of life!


Anonymous said...

Thankful that you all are safe! God Bless you!
Sorry we never got to see you!

Jolene said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog! I definitely felt inadequate and very transparent... two very scary feelings when you are posting for all the world to see. :-) But, apparently, I struck a chord somewhere, because this has been my most commented post since I started my blog a couple of years ago! It is humbling to think that maybe, just maybe, God could use those words to encourage a missionary wife to stick it out, realizing that some of those feelings are NORMAL!

Do you know any of the Sloans or Ashcrafts from Mexico? I noticed that you were missionarie there for a time.

Please feel free to come back and "visit" me again!

With Love from Ukraine,

Anonymous said...

On our first term, an MK told me her mom always went through culture shock for the first year after each furlough- and her mom had been an MK, too, so had the experience to verify the statement! Just wanted to encourage you that it's normal, what you're going through. I'll try to be praying more for you as you adjust and miss your family back stateside. I was so glad when we were able to plan a full 4 year term this time- the constant readjusting was emotionally exhausting.

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