Sunday, January 29, 2012

Statistics about Spain and Gospel Preaching Churches

Marvin Robertson has been a Baptist missionary in Spain for over 35 years, and in his latest prayer letter he gave the following statistics which I found interesting. I am not sure the source of his statistics, but from our personal observation about the spiritual condition of the country it seems to be accurate.

"The total number of independent Baptist missionaries in Spain continues to grow, but the country is far from being evangelized. Out of the total population of 47 million, only 200,000 are members of some kind of protestant/evangelical church. There are thousands of towns and villages with no Gospel witness at all as there is only one church for every 18,000 people!

When we talk about Gospel preaching churches (correct doctrine of salvation), there may be 300 in the whole country which means that there is one Gospel preaching church for every 150,000 people! And when you talk about fundamental, independent Baptist churches, the ratio goes down to one church for every 800,000 people!

For the last fifty years we missionaries have been doing pioneer work in Spain; that is, working the soil to remove rocks and thorns and thistles in order to plant the seed of the Word in the hearts of the people. Therefore, we have hope to see a harvest as God's people are faithfully giving witness of their personal relationship with Christ through faith in Him.

Keep praying for Spain that the Holy Spirit would do a mighty work among the Spanish people! "With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible." Amen!" (Marvin Robertson)

With this in mind, I try to encourage myself that Spain is not an "easy" field--I don't believe there is such a thing anyway, but sometimes the lack of visible fruit can be discouraging. We must remind ourselves that our labor is not in vain in the Lord.

Friday, January 27, 2012

What's New in Tenerife

I apologize for my lack of updates on what is going on in our ministry. When we returned in October, we had a lot of work to do getting our homefront set up again, so to speak......after being away for nearly six months we are now back in full swing. We lost some families, unfortunately, during our absence so we have to work even harder now to bring in new people to disciple.

January was a great month, with many visitors. First we enjoyed a visit from two young men who are stationed in Germany with the US military, followed by a group from Wings Bearing Precious Seed ministry under the direction of Allen Johnson. We passed out 15,000 John and Romans, along with gospel tracts and invitations to our church services. Three of the eight in the group spoke Spanish, which was a tremendous blessing.

Here is a link to the webpage of Wings Bearing Precious Seed if you would like to view the slideshow of pictures.