Friday, January 27, 2012

What's New in Tenerife

I apologize for my lack of updates on what is going on in our ministry. When we returned in October, we had a lot of work to do getting our homefront set up again, so to speak......after being away for nearly six months we are now back in full swing. We lost some families, unfortunately, during our absence so we have to work even harder now to bring in new people to disciple.

January was a great month, with many visitors. First we enjoyed a visit from two young men who are stationed in Germany with the US military, followed by a group from Wings Bearing Precious Seed ministry under the direction of Allen Johnson. We passed out 15,000 John and Romans, along with gospel tracts and invitations to our church services. Three of the eight in the group spoke Spanish, which was a tremendous blessing.

Here is a link to the webpage of Wings Bearing Precious Seed if you would like to view the slideshow of pictures.

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