Thursday, February 16, 2012

Resourcefulness and Creativity

We made a wreath from vines we found in a vacant lot when we couldn't find one in the store premade.

Rebekah made this patchwork bag, using a pattern from the internet. Her older sister Hannah taught her to use the sewing machine.

Leanna likes to paint.

One of the things I enjoy with my daughters is making crafts and cooking special treats for the various seasons. Many times we can't find the ingredients or materials though that we take for granted in the United States, so we have to learn to make substitutions, or create things from scratch. We don't have a Walmart, JoAnn Fabrics or any craft store for that matter, so I am continually scrounging for ideas and materials.

I am thankful to my mother, who at an early age allowed me to use the resources we had available in our flower shop. I had access to all types of ribbons, paints, glue guns, spray paint, flowers, etc. and she graciously let us make things--some might have thought it wasteful or too messy--but my mother knew better than to squelch our creativity. Now I can see that the resourcefulness she encouraged prepared me for the mission field.

Around the age of ten I developed an interest in cooking, and while my mom was working in our flower shop, I would call her on the telephone (even though our floral business was on the same property) and ask her how she made certain dishes. She wasn't afraid to let us try new recipes or afraid we would mess up dinner. She was very patient with me as I called her for advice and instructions. She didn't follow a recipe but everything she made had a delicious taste--she knew all the secrets to "doctor things up" and make things flavorful.

When I look at my dining room table, covered in "projects" that my daughters are in the middle of completing, I am tempted to complain about the mess......but remind myself and rejoice that we are making memories and preparing them for their future, whether it be homemaking skills, or perhaps just inspiring their creative juices so they will have the confidence to try improvising when the need arises.