Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

The Lord has blessed us with five daughters and one son. They all have their special qualities that endear them to my heart. Four of them are married, and you never quit worrying/thinking about them even after they have left the home.

Today we are celebrating Rebekah's birthday, and I think back to when we found out I was expecting our fifth child. I had returned to college to finish my degree--I was a junior at Wright State University and had won a full academic scholarship upon graduating from Edison Community College. My first four children were in a private Christian school, and my dream was to get my teaching degree so I could teach at their school. I really enjoyed going to college and the atmosphere, along with the challenge of having a family and studying full time. Even after Rebekah was born, I was able to teach Spanish in their school until I decided to stay home full time and home school my children instead.

Unknown to me, my husband had been praying that we would have more children--and one of our daughters was praying for a sister, I believe it was Jenny. My sister allowed us to babysit her toddler (at the time--now he is 16!) and the baby bug bit, and God answered their prayers. Children are so delightful to have in the home. I remember taking a statistics course during the summer, and feeling the urge to sleep all the time. I managed to make it through the course, and finished my semester.

Jenny was nine years old when Rebekah was born, so it had been a long time since I had a baby. It was like starting all over again. We were living in Ohio at the time, so I enjoyed having family around. I remember feeling like the oldest woman in the church nursery, and I was! Having a baby when you are a little older is so much fun--you are more relaxed, and the older children were a big help to me--something I didn't have when they were little.

Rebekah's middle name is Joy, and is so fitting. She has only brought joy into our lives. She has a servant's heart, and prefers others. She is soft spoken, patient, kind, unselfish, and loves the Lord. I am thankful the God has given us such a beautiful young lady in our home.


Victoria said...

Thank you for sharing about that portion of your life. I never knew you had gone back to school, etc.

Happy birthday to Rebekah. She's so quiet & I haven't had a lot of conversations with her, but her sweet spirit is an example & blessing to me. I pray the Lord blesses her tremendously throughout this year!

Jenna said...

Happy Birthday to Rebekah! She's turned into such a beautiful young lady!