Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pictures of the New Land

I received these pictures from my daughter in law Emily--they had their first church service on their new land Sunday, and it is amazing to see how the Lord provided for their need for a place to meet. Thought I would share these with my readers.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pictures from Mozambique

 These photos were taken when I visited in May, 2010. This is the old building they rented.
 Church service back in May, 2010
 Walking home from church.
 The old church building they rented.
The Nathan Schwaderer Family, December 2012

Good News from Mozambique

We are encouraged to get reports from our son Nathan and the work that is going on in Mozambique. By God's grace they have been able to accomplish much since their arrival about 5 1/2 years ago. They have two works going, and now a building project underway. Their family is also growing, Emily is expecting a boy and they plan to travel to Nelspruit, South Africa around the end of May for the birth sometime around the first of June. Please pray for a safe delivery, as Emily will be having a doctor and midwife attend the birth at Mercy Air, in a guest house they rent for the occasion. We are excited about the new grandchildren that are coming into our family in 2012. Emily is having a boy, while Hannah and Amy are having girls. Amy is finally getting a girl after having three boys!

Here is Nathan's latest newsletter:

Major Victory!

This past month God has given us a major victory. For the past three years we have been renting a small
home here in the capital area for about three hundred dollars a month. Perhaps that sounds like a lot of money for a place in Africa, but when you consider that we are ministering in the capital area, and that to buy a decent piece of land here is usually around 500,000 USD, it was actually a good deal. This house served its purpose while the church was just beginning. But because the capacity is about 30 adults, we have been praying that God would provide a larger space for us to meet. I was approached by a family that was selling their property close to our church. The men of the church went to look at it with me and saw that it had a great location right off the main road! The only down-side was that it was a little small but still large enough to build a structure that can sit about 150 people.

At first, it seemed like it would be impossible for us to purchase it but, after some negotiations, I was able to trade my Toyota Corolla as a deposit with about 6,000.00 USD due by the end of the year. They needed my car and the church needed land. What a victory for us here as we will have plenty of room to grow and we will not be renting. I have challenged the members of the church to sacrifice and give generously as we now need to build. In the meantime, we will be holding services under the trees! Most of our church people that work make about 100- 200 USD per month. It could take some time to have enough money before we can build as we will need about 5,000 USD to build a good structure. Pray that God will work in the lives of our people to give and that He will supply the need. It is such an answer to prayer for the work here to own a piece of land! God is working in the lives of the people here. The work that we have recently started is going well.

 After I finish preaching, I allow the people to ask questions which usually takes about an hour more. It is a blessing to have people hungry and searching for answers from the Word of God. Please, keep this group in prayer as we hope to develop this Bible study into a church. We are currently working to evangelize the neighborhood and we are praying that many souls will be saved there.

Please keep Pastor Martinasio in prayer. I have mentioned him before in my letters. He is a genuine man
of God and one of the national pastors here. He has a cancerous growth protruding from his stomach. Pray that God will heal him according to His will. We are praying that God will give him many more years of service for the Lord!

Nathan, Emily Grace, Micah, Jeremiah, and baby boy (making his appearance in June!) Schwaderer