Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Home Sweet Home Again

It is good to be back in the Canary Islands, to our beloved home of Tenerife. We had a whirlwind of a summer in the United States. The highlight was having all six of our children and most of our grandchildren together in Rochester, NY for Rebekah's high school graduation. It was also an enjoyable time to reconnect with friends from our home church, and visit many of our supporting churches.
At the end of August we helped Rebekah get settled into her dormitory at Fairhaven Baptist College in Chesterton, Indiana. She seems to be doing really well and is keeping busy with her studies, part-time campus job, and ministries.
We were happy to see our church members once again, and when we landed at the airport here in Tenerife, they were all there to greet us even though our plane didn't arrive until midnight.
Leanna is starting her freshman year of high school, and with Rebekah gone I am now Leanna's Algebra tutor when she needs help with homework. It has been a few years since I took college Algebra so I am taking the course with her. It is a good time of mother/daughter bonding.....most of the time!
I have started teaching English once again, part time at the London School of English here in Candelaria. I really enjoy teaching and it is a challenge to keep up with all the grammar rules while making it interesting to the students. It stimulates my creativity and I try to make learning English fun for all of my students, whether they be five years old or fifty.
Doug is busy with his church work in San Isidro, and also his ministry in the Tenerife prison system. On Saturday we had a baptism in the Atlantic Ocean, with two of our members following the Lord in believer's baptism. What a glorious day we had!